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about Kelsey
about Kelsey


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"A photograph is an instrument of love and revelation that must see beneath the surfaces
and record the qualities of nature and humanity which live in all things." (Ansel Adams)

Welcome! I'm Kelsey Schweickert and I'm glad you stopped by my site!
I'm based in the San Francisco, California area. With my trusty Canon 5D Mark II, I love to roam the world capturing images of pretty things and unique moments and cool people (and that includes you!).

I love photography because of its ability to catch a fleeting moment that we treasure for years to come . . . because it is a way to share nature's beauty and enrich other people's lives . . . because life is an amazing gift, and capturing that on camera is a continual adventure!

I love photographing children outdoors, with the sunlight dancing on their hair.
I love watching a bride and groom gaze at each other with their heart in their eyes.
I love the strong, wild beauty of the Yosemite wilderness.
I love the houseful of other crazy artistic over-achievers I live with.
I love artsy earrings and ridiculous socks.
I love music . . . sunsets . . . mountains . . . sparkling streams . . . intricate flowers . . .
little children . . . skiing . . . and dry humor.
I love Jesus. He came up with all these things. He is my best friend and companion.

So thanks for coming by. Take a moment to meander through some galleries . . .
and please let me know if my camera and I can do anything for you!

Photography by Kelsey

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